BLEW Razor Blade Dryer

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KEEP YOUR RAZOR SHAVING LIKE NEW WITH BLEW – How many times do you replace your razor blades? Every week? Twice in a month, maybe? How about making it once a year!

It’s not the act of repeated shaving that causes blades to quickly dull. It’s corrosion. Caused when water mixes with salt from the skin leading to rusting and chipping of the blade.

How it Works:
By placing your razor in BLEW after each use, you can effectively prevent razor-rusting oxidation. BLEW dries your razor with a heated fan (similar to that of a hair dryer) and during the drying process, a UV light will help sanitize your razor. All of this is done with an automatic shut off feature that lets you drop in your razor and go on with the rest of your morning routine.


  • Stop razor rust before it starts; BLEW is a patented razor dryer that increases the lifespan of a razor and decreases the amount of money you spend on shaving, grooming, and razor blades; 99% of razors fit in BLEW
  • Just plug BLEW in and you’re ready to go; an automatic shut off feature lets you drop in your razor and continue with your morning routine; used regularly, BLEW can extend the life of your razor for over 12 months!
  • It’s not the act of shaving that dulls razors; water from shaving mixed with salt from skin creates oxidation that causes corrosion and steel blades to become dull, rust, and chip; but now you can end all that and increase your razor’s lifespan with this dryer
  • Put your razor in the BLEW Razor Blade Dryer holder after each use to sanitize your razor and prevent it from rusting; a small heated fan is used during the drying process and a UV light helps to sanitize the razor
  • Prevent razor-rusting oxidation with BLEW; the built-in UV indicator light automatically turns on, dries your razor, then turns off as soon as the process is completed; drying improves blade longevity

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