Why you need a fogless mirror for your shower

Are you sick of shaving in the sink and leaving little bits of hair everywhere?

There's a way to save the mess. 

Fogless shower mirrors are one of those things you never knew you needed.

In fact, most people don't even know what a fogless shower mirror is. Or how much it can help improve your daily grooming routine.

In 2010 we developed a patented design that guarantees our fogless shower mirror won't fog. 


How It Works

The hot water keeps the surface the same temperature as the shower environment making it scientifically impossible for your mirror to fog.


Benefits of a Fogless Shower Mirror

  • Guaranteed not to fog.
  • No shaving mess around your sink.
  • Perfect for shaving, tweezing or face masks - so you can finish your grooming routine in the comfort of your shower.
  • Safe for your shower: no harsh chemicals or special coating.
  • Shatterproof, rustproof and impact resistant.


At ToiletTree Products we sell six variations of our famous fogless shower mirror.

  1. Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee
  2. Fogless Shower Mirror - Deluxe with LED Light
  3. Fogless Shower Mirror - Tall
  4. Fogless Shower Mirror - Travel
  5. Fogless Shower Mirror with Dispenser Combo
  6. Aluminum Caddy with Fogless Shower Mirror


1. Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

  • The original.
  • Features built-in shelf to store razor, sponge, or tweezers.
  • Adjustable bracket accommodates multiple users and angles.
  • A self-stored squeegee is included to wipe away excess water drops from the front of your mirror.

2. Fogless Shower Mirror - Deluxe with LED Light 

  • Illuminated by LED lights.
  • 20% larger than the original.

3. Fogless Shower Mirror - Tall

  • Larger reflective surface than the original design.
  • Thinner frame.
  • Ultra wide water chamber.

4. Fogless Shower Mirror - Travel

  • This version is mounted using suction cups instead of adhesive.
  • Comes with a convenient toiletries bag for storage and travel.
  • Smaller than the original version.

5. Fogless Shower Mirror with Dispenser Combo

  • Two products in one. Includes 2 dispensers that each hold 16 ounces of your favorite shampoo, soap or bath gel.

6. Aluminum Caddy with Fogless Shower Mirror

  • Two products in one. The original fogless shower mirror is built into this shower caddy. Features adjustable shelves and rustproof aluminum design.


How to Install Your Fogless Shower Mirror

Installing your shower mirror is quick, simple and easy! Our Fogless Shower Mirrors mount to almost any shower surface using powerful double-sided, water-resistant tape. Mounting instructions are also conveniently included on a pamphlet with your Fogless Shower Mirror.

Step 1: Insert 3 AA batteries (included) for power.

Step 2: Peel adhesive backing like a sticker.

Step 3: Carefully position mirror, place and hold until firmly secure.

Step 4: Fill the reservoir with hot water, and you’re ready to go!

Step 5: A quick wipe with the included squeegee clears any excess water droplets.


    How to Remove Your Fogless Shower Mirror

    The easiest way to remove the Fogless Shower Mirror from your wall is to insert a putty knife (or similar tool) at each of the four corners of the wall bracket to loosen it. You will be able to easily peel the bracket off the wall, as you separate it with the knife from each corner and the sides. DO NOT SIMPLY RIP THE BRACKET OFF THE WALL AS THIS MAY DAMAGE YOUR SHOWER.


    Are you moving? Keep your mirror, and simply purchase a new mounting kit.