Fogless Mirror with Dispenser Combo



  • We took your two favoirite products and combined them into one! To use your fogless mirror, just fill the water chamber with hot shower water and your guaranteed a fogless experience.
  • Includes 2 dispensers that each hold 16 ounces of your favorite shampoo, soap or bath gel.
  • Ergonomic pull bar dispensing design: works with your natural grip for precise dispensing of shampoo, soap or bath gel directly into your palm.
  • All items install using our included water resistant removable double sided tape


The Best Fogless Shower Mirror EVER just joined forces with our deluxe shampoo and soap dispensers! Just fill the mirror with hot shower water and it's impossible for it to fog! This patented shaving mirror is guaranteed not to fog in the shower. Simply slide the mirror off the bracket before each shower and fill with hot water. The hot water will keep the surface the same temperature as the environment in your shower which makes it scientifically impossible for your mirror to ever fog. It takes only 5-7 seconds. No more suction cups falling off the wall! Our removable silicone adhesive secures the mirror to all shower surfaces and will not damage tiles or shower walls! It conveniently detaches from the bracket so you can easily fill the reservoir before each use. An included self-stored squeegee removes any excess water drops. This lighted shower mirror is perfect for tweezing, removing makeup, applying facial masques and using our facial cleansing brush. And it comes with a built-in shelf to store your razor, sponge or tweezers. An easily adjustable bracket accommodates multiple users and angles. Shatterproof and made of high quality acrylic: impact resistant, lighter and safer, while providing a brighter, sharper image. Will not to rust, discolor or damage bathroom surfaces.

Not satisfied with your purchase. We offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee! This will be the last fog free shower mirror you will ever have to buy!