A Fogless Shower Mirror Will Change Your Life!

Shaving in the shower just got easier!

If you have never shaved in the shower, you have no idea what you're missing! The first thing you need though is a good Fogless Mirror. As the name suggests, a fogless mirror won’t fog up during use and it’s a lifesaver. Here are a few of the benefits:

If you’re someone who shaves in the shower, you need a fogless shower mirror. As the name suggests, a fogless mirror won’t fog up during use and it’s a lifesaver. Here are a few of the benefits:

- Dermatologists recommend shaving in the shower: the hot environment opens pores and the hair actually becomes softer when it's hydrated and easier to remove. Not only that, but when your skin is free of residual dirt, oil, and dry skin, your razor will actually be more effective and it will lead to less nicks and cuts.

- No more dripping and shivering over the sink after you've already showered. 

- Eliminates shaving cream and hair mess around the sink.

- Owning a Fogless Mirror will make your grooming routine much easier by ensuring you get a smooth and close shave, eliminating the mess, and saving time by allowing you to shave in the shower.

Why ToiletTree Products’ Fogless Mirrors are Better

While there are many Fogless Mirror options, ToiletTree sets our mirrors apart in the following ways:

 - They Actually Remains Fogless! Many of our competitors use a chemical coating which doesn't work and distorts the reflective image. Our patented design doesn’t use chemicals and makes it scientifically impossible for the mirror to fog!

Better Quality and Better-Looking Design. This is a product that hangs in your shower so we made sure you are looking at something nice every day. Many of our competitor's mirrors look and feel cheap. Make sure you get a Fogless Mirror that will compliment your bathroom in a positive way. 

- Our Mirrors Stay Attached to the Shower Wall. Many competitors use sub-par suction cups. Those mirrors get terrible reviews because the mirror is constantly falling off the wall, potentially breaking when they fall, and scaring the heck out of everyone in the house when it happens in the middle of the night. Our mirrors use a powerful water-resistant double-sided tape that will stay attached to the shower wall indefinitely. Our Travel/Dorm version uses unique double suction cups that will keep the mirror up longer than any competitor's single suction cup offerings. 

- Large Adjustable Reflective Surface. Our mirrors' reflective surfaces are bigger than almost every competitor (especially our Ultimate/Tall Mirror and our LED Mirror). Our Mirrors also tilt up and down for different users or our Ultimate Mirror can be adjusted in every direction on its ball bearing hinge to give users different shaving angles. Most competitors' mirrors remain flat against the wall. 

 - Unique Self-Storing Squeegee. We're the only Fogless Mirror that includes this clever solution to wiping the inevitable drops of water off that will get on your mirror sometimes. 

Our Fogless Mirror Catalog


Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

deluxe led fogless shower mirror


fogless shower mirror with led light

Fogless Shower Mirror - Tall

fogless shower mirror tall

fogless travel mirror

fogless travel mirror

fogless mirror with dispenser combo




aluminum caddy with mirror