Turn any size bathroom into your personal oasis: because you deserve it!

Your bathroom is a room which serves many purposes. It’s where you wake up in the morning. It’s where you routinely wind down at night. It’s where you go to relax and of course, it’s a room for privacy.

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, and yet, many go neglected. Why not make this year the year where you put yourself first? It’s time to finally put some much needed love into your bathroom – regardless of its size.

Giving your bathroom a spa-like renovation doesn’t need to be expensive. If you are renting, you certainly don’t want to cause any issues with your landlord. Not to mention, putting money into the property will not benefit you in the long run. The most successful projects are ones that fit into your budget and long term goals.

If you are in fact a home owner, then of course take these tips below into consideration when “renovating” your bathroom. But remember, that you can always take it one step further to make some permanent changes. Just be creative!

One of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to transform a room is to paint it. When it comes to painting a space, the commitment level is low. However, you need to be cautious when painting your bathroom. Ensure that whichever color(s) you choose; that the paint is mildew-resistant. The humidity in an enclosed space will cause most paint options to chip rather quickly.

As for the color choice, take into consideration any adjacent rooms and/or hallways. You want the color choices to flow. A lighter, pastel color can be a calming choice. Whereas a darker color can make more of a statement. Also take into consideration your décor, and how it will blend with your newly-painted walls.

Begin your bathroom ‘reno’ by cleaning all walls. You may choose to paint the whole room, or create more of an accent wall. Once your room has been prepped and painted, it’s time to choose some décor.

Maybe you have a theme in mind? Maybe you have a piece of artwork that you would like to highlight in your bathroom? Or maybe all you have figured out so far is the paint choice; just know that decorating your bathroom is sure to be a treat.

Possible bathroom-theme ideas:
  • French powder room
  • Nautical/under the sea
  • Elegant, with gold accents
  • Rustic feel, with live edge wood accents
  • Spa like stones and candles
  • Girls bubble bath
It’s clear that there are many themes to choose from. A great way to gather ideas and décor items is to visit your local consignment store. While there, you may find art work, wall hangings or vintage mirrors which could help to create the look you are going for.

Décor will serve as both practical choices, directly adding to your spa-like experience (think shower head or bathtub caddy), while some pieces will be for aesthetics only (think paintings or plants).

When shopping for décor, regardless of where you go, remember to secure the following:

Shower curtain (if you have a tub):
  • Painting(s)/art work
  • Bath mat
  • Spa-like shower head
These are your essentials for any bathroom.

Other accessories to keep in mind:
  • Shower/bathtub caddy
  • Green plants
  • Organizational pieces (for towels, toilet paper and toiletries)
  • Shower bench
If you’re not renting and are able to make more permanent changes to your bathroom, consider changing the tile in your shower and bathroom floor. Find a style that goes with your décor and also creates the clean, spa-like feel we’re going for. Using your imagination, what other accessories could you add to your unique space?

By now, your bathroom should be looking pretty inviting. But you can’t have a personal oasis without a few pampering products.

To finish your bathroom renovation, deck your space with your favorite pampering essentials. Splurge, and buy yourself:
  • Towels, the softer the better
  • House coat
  • Portable speaker, with blue tooth
  • Candles
  • Scent diffuser
  • Bubble bath
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath rose petals
  • Hydrating hand soap
It doesn’t take much to give your bathroom that calming atmosphere you are craving. When indulging in a bubble bath, play relaxing music. Light enough candles where you can turn off the fluorescing lights in your bathroom. If your candles are scented, enjoy the calming aroma. If not, indulge in a scent diffuser. Calming scents include: lilac, vanilla and cinnamon.

A bathtub caddy allows you to read a book and drink a glass of your favorite wine while in the water – you don’t want to get your book wet now.

Once your bubble bath has finished, wrap yourself in a towel or house coat. Sit and enjoy the calming atmosphere you have created for yourself. No need to rush back to reality just yet.

By now, you should have a bathroom that everyone will envy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming of your spa-like bathroom while at work. Prepare yourself to enjoy some much needed “me time”, in the comfort of your newly established, personal oasis.