The benefits of bamboo: an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood

Using bamboo as a material source is far more eco-friendly than most hardwoods.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Bamboo is a renewable source and regenerates quickly compared to hardwood forests.
  • Bamboo produces 25 times more usable material than hardwoods.
  • Bamboo is naturally pest resistant: Unlike a hardwood forest, a bamboo crop grows greener since it does not require pesticide applications.
  • An annual harvest of a naturally regenerating plant from a root system, such as Bamboo, means cultivating a crop that does not require re-plowing a field. This reduces a farm’s carbon footprint. An established Bamboo grove prevents soil erosion and maximizes water retention. This enhances water conservation quality.
When it comes to bamboo products versus hardwood products, it's easy to see why bamboo is the better choice.