Relieve stress by loving your home: five steps to a calmer you

Stress can present itself in a variety of ways. From work-related anxiety, to issues with your health; there are many factors which can contribute to rising cortisol levels.

As unfortunate as it is, many homes are also a contributing factor to stress.

Do you have trouble falling asleep, because your “to do” lists are always running through your mind?

Do you wake, faced with a messy house, to then fight the urge to return back to bed?

Have you used a sick day just to get ahead of a home project?

No need to be frustrated with yourself, we’ve all been there. By following these five easy steps, you too can have a personal sanctuary that your whole family can enjoy. Whether you call an apartment, or a house, your home; follow these five steps to help destress your life.

1. Clean, clean and clean

Where do you begin when the mess seems unmanageable? Well, why not start in the kitchen, and work your way around the home until all rooms have received a basic cleanse. Cleaning your house is the first step towards presenting a home that you are proud of.

The act of cleaning can also be a source of exercise, and through the release of endorphins, can also be a great stress reliever. Once you've wiped down all counters, swept the floors and busted-out that mop; it’s time to declutter.

2. Release yourself from junk

Do you have a room, a closet or perhaps a basement which has been deemed “where the stuff goes”? Items that you don't want to deal with, but also don't want to throw out “just in case”? Well, it’s time to let go. By freeing up your unused space, you open up a world of possibilities. You might end up having room for:

  • a guest room,
  • a workout space,
  • an extended closet area; or
  • a second living room.

By donating items that you don't use anymore, you'll be giving back to your community. Additionally, purging items can give you an adrenaline boost. As a tip, if you have not used/touched an item within the past year, it’s time to ‘chuck it’. Once you have finished the decluttering stage, it’s time to finally meet those decorating goals.

3. Paint

Maybe you’re renting. Maybe you plan on moving soon. Maybe you can’t decide which color, or maybe you've just never thought about it. Well, it’s time to put excuses aside to finally bring your creative style into fruition. Not only is the act of painting a great exercise, with the average person burning 167-calories per 30-minutes, but it can also be very satisfying to see the product of your hard work. Adding color to bland walls is sure to boost anyone’s mood. Choose calming colors to aid in your de-stressing efforts.

4. Put some love into your bathroom

You need your own space. An area where you can shut the door and have your 'me' time. It only seems natural that your bathroom would be the best place to create your personal oasis.

Let yourself indulge in a relaxing bathroom, filled with accessories which can aid in your de-stressing. Perhaps you’d benefit from a shower bench, which would actually allow you to enjoy your shower, instead of just going through the motions. If a bath is more your style, invest in a bathtub caddy, where you can light candles, situate a book or even a glass of wine.

Bring your vision to life, with the many great bamboo products offered by ToiletTree Products. A few recommendations to finish your project include:

5. Make a cleaning schedule; and stick to it

Now that your home is cleaned, decluttered and decorated to your liking, it’s time to keep it that way. Create a cleaning schedule, and post it on your fridge where you're sure not to miss it. Assign a different room/chore per day, in order to stay on top of your cleaning. In doing so, you will have one less thing to worry about. And of course, don’t forget to delegate!