Pack like a pro: smart tips for packing carry-on luggage

Never worry about checked bags again! Learn how to maximize space in your carry-on by packing smart. Stop waiting for your bags to arrive (or worrying if they'll be lost) and start vacationing.

1. Roll instead of fold

Folded clothing takes up more space than rolled items. Roll casual clothing including t-shirts, pants, dresses, and pyjamas.

2. Prioritize versatility 

Pack items that you can wear more than once, or neutrals that partner well with multiple items.

3. Don't pack the extra pair of shoes

Shoes take up a substantial amount of space. Save valuable space by packing only a single extra pair of shoes (plus, the ones already on your feet). Shower caps or dust bags are great for storing shoes with the rest of your items.

4. Wear your bulkiest items

5. Store delicate items in a sock

6. Save a quarter of space

Dirty laundry takes up to 20% more space. Remember to save approximately a quarter of your suitcase space to account for dirty clothes, as well as any new items or souvenirs you purchase on the road.


Pro Tip: Keep your luggage fresh by adding a dryer sheet between layers of clothing.


Hygiene and travel

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