If You Don’t Have A Waterproof Clock In Your Bathroom, Read This.

The Benefits of Getting A Shower Clock

Most people don’t have a shower clock, and we think that should change. Placing a clock in the bathroom might seem ridiculous, but there are tons of benefits.

Why You Should Invest In A Waterproof Clock

To Keep Track Of Time

The first (and most obvious) reason is to help you keep track of time. If you’re someone who struggles with being late, a shower clock is the perfect time management tool. It almost seems like time moves differently in the shower, but a shower clock will help you stay on track.

For Water Conservation

When time gets away from you in the shower, an intended quick shower may end up lasting much longer. Not only will this make you late, but this wastes a tremendous amount of water.

The truth is, most people let water run for extended periods while they aren’t using it. It becomes harder to let the water run idly when you have a way to keep track of time. A shower

clock is a great consideration for your pockets and the environment.

For Dental Hygiene

Do you brush your teeth for the recommended time of 2 minutes?

Despite this being a relatively short period, most people can’t say that they always spend 2 minutes brushing. A shower clock will help you stay aware of how much time you’re spending on your oral hygiene.

For The Benefit Of The People You Share A Bathroom With

If you’re someone who shares a bathroom with other people, a shower clock will help you avoid spending too much time in the bathroom. While it’s easy to lose track of time, it’s also important to consider the people you’re living with. Because no one likes a bathroom hog.

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