Cultivate your green thumb by adding these plants to your bathroom

The warmth and humidity of your bathroom creates the perfect environment for a house plant.

Besides adding a fresh and clean look to your space, plants help improve air quality, boost the immune system and improve your mood overall. 

While there are many options to choose from, here are five of our favorites:

1. Aloe

Make your own aloe vera skin care in the comfort of your own home!

2. Ferns

Ferns act as humidifiers, purifying the air.

3. Pothos

One of the most low maintenance, and easy-to-care-for house plants available.

4. Bamboo

Perfect for feng shui'ing your space. Bamboo can thrive in a variety of lighting conditions, in water or in soil, and is found in many local shops. Bamboo is even believed to bring good luck! 

5. Snake Plant

Also known as a "Mother-in-Law’s Tongue", Snake Plants are known for filtering toxins and odors from the air - which is what makes it perfect for the bathroom!

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