Bamboo Toilet Stool

$59.95 MSRP $69.95



When nature calls, get back to the natural way of doing things. Humans have preferred to squat while pooping since time immemorial, but modern toilet design has forced us into an unnatural upright sitting position. This doesn’t always work out for the best. It puts unnecessary pressure on the lower digestive tract, causing strain and discomfort during elimination.

ToiletTree’s Bamboo Squat Toilet Bench is the perfect bathroom accessory for aiding in healthy, stress-free elimination. It elevates the feet to put the knees above the hips — just as nature intended — releasing pressure and allowing you to handle your business smoothly and easily.


  • Excellent for adults, but also great for giving kids the extra support they need during and after potty training; Help them step right up and go with confidence; Stool Dimensions are 18″ Length x 11″ Width x 8.5″ Height, making it the perfect fit for most standard toilets
  • Easy to use: Simply sit as you normally would, then raise both of your feet onto the bamboo platform to elevate your knees above your hips, creating a natural and more healthy squatting position
  • Constructed from heavy duty, premium eco friendly bamboo, this sleek bent wood design is sustainable, functional, and stylish; Its clean, modern lines and light woodgrain finish will complement any bathroom décor
  • Bamboo is strong, lightweight, and long-lasting; It’s the material of choice for bath accessories because it’s durable, easy to clean, and resistant to water, mold, and mildew; The slim profile fits snugly against the base of the bowl, and it’s right there whenever you need it
  • Use this ergonomic stool to elevate your feet and align your body in a natural squatting posture; Recommended by doctors for easy, healthy, complete and total elimination and for treating a wide range of medical conditions including constipation and hemorrhoids