BLEW Razor Blade Dryer to Keep Razor Rust Free

The average person spends over $200 a year on razor blades. Not only is that wasting money, but it also creates a ton of garbage in our landfills.

Its been proven time and time again that if you simply just dry your razor blade after using, it stops oxidation. When you allow water to sit on your razor between shaves, microscopic rusting/pitting begins to form on the razors edge.

The next time you shave, the smooth edge that you had on your first shave is now not as smooth anymore. Its not the hairs that causes the blade to dull, but instead the microscopic rusting.

By simply drying your razor every time, you stop the rust from ever starting. Our sleek design incorporated the motor of a hair dryer to ensure the hot air completely dries your razor every time. Now you can enjoy using the high end 5 blade razor because you only need 1 and it will last the entire year.


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BLEW Razor Blade Dryer. Extend The Life of Your Blades.

  • Lab testing proves that by drying and storing your razor in BLEW, your razor will last at least 12 months.
  • It’s not shaving that dulls your razor, it’s the rusting/oxidation that corrodes the blade from the water sitting on it between shaves.
  • Just drop your razor into BLEW and within minutes, your razor is dry.
  • Internal built in UV light automatically comes on at the end of the drying cycle.
  • 99% of all razors fit into BLEW
  • Check out this article on the Future of Shaving.

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