Sale of 40% on Bathtub Caddy in Japan

Bathtub caddy, by ToiletTree Products, with the beauty of bamboo and advanced designs would transform your relaxing moments into more luxurious spa like tenderness.

Our expandable bathtub caddy has separated bar to hold your books, magazines, or any other reading material (with stainless steel book holder), space to place your phone, iPad, Mp3 player or any other thing like that, and special space as wine glass holder. So, enjoy spa like ambience in your own bathroom and spend as much quality time as you wish to.

And the good news is – the caddy is now available in our warehouse in Japan. So, you can get your order delivered in as soon as possible. Our delivery options include “Same Day Expedited Shipping” and “Expedited Shipping” for delivery faster than the normal ones. You can also try Amazon prime which is providing free shipments for any kind of delivery you choose.

So, make an order and enjoy the discount of almost 40% and the fast delivery.